Ransom Note

Creating a ransom note was a fun, creative, and time-consuming process. I came up with as many ideas as possible and repeated this process twice. Even though this took some time, it is crucial to original ideate sentences and creative ideas. Using the magazines, we were limited, but this allowed me to think more outside the box.

When I looked into the magazines, I found out that there were many different themes. My magazines contained a lot of pets, like cats, dogs, and fishes. Besides, I found the boxing gloves and someone holding scissors aggressively. My ransom note had to include pets and a threat. I cut out all different kinds of letters with different colors and put them in several orders. I thought about the size and wanted to give my note a playful vibe.

Moreover, the color is crucial; ransom notes look more beautiful when you use various colors for the letters. The fore and background have to be opposites; otherwise, it is hard to read. It was hard to create a background that was not too busy, because I wanted to have the focus on the pictures of the pets and on the note itself. I figured that all magazines contain everyday articles without distracting colors. By using this, I kept the background of my ransom note calm. I wanted to use this old-fashioned look, but with a small adjustment. So I ripped all articles from the magazines and put them on top of each other. Then I started to cut in diagonal lines. This created fun angular shapes, and because of the way I cut them, they fitted into each other. It is hard to notice this until you look closer and pay more attention to the design. I think it is fascinating how you will see more things if you increase the time you are looking at it.

During this process, you will learn to play with colors, to deal with failure, and to be patient.

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